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A New Year, A New You? Are You Helping Realise Your Business Goals?

Issue 43

I was talking to a client recently and we got onto that topic that continues to exercise many business minds – Brexit. After the normal ranting and raving about how we find ourselves in the current position and concluding ‘the only certainty is uncertainty’ we agreed we need to focus on what we can control. What are your main priorities? This time of the year is often a period for reflection, both personally and professionally. What are your priorities? Hopefully you and your team might have reflected together on what went well and not so well in 2018. An open and honest ‘lessons learnt’ session can be cathartic and enables continuous improvement. What are you going to do differently? Beware. Having been an avid planner for years and made plenty of mistakes I feel well placed to give some advice: • Challenge the length of the list of priorities •…


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