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Growing North East Law Firm St James’ Square Exceeds Expectations

Issue 41

St James’ Square was founded in 2017 when managing partner Paul Monaghan teamed up with investor Brad Holbrook and, together with other founding partner Andrew Carser, the entrepreneurs planned out a business strategy that would set out to establish the ideal law firm. Paul and Andrew took their combined experiences of working in other legal practices and were determined that their law firm would reflect the very best for their staff and their clients. Initially operating out of one room at Hoults Yard, Newcastle, Paul and Andrew were soon able to grow the team and new members of staff came on board. These appointments included partners Mark Lynn and Martin Wilson, which meant that the average partner age was 35 – approximately 20 years younger than the average partner age at any other law firm. Now, with figures showing an expected turnover of £1.6 million by the end of the…


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