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Issue 32

The Renowned Cosmetic Dental Clinic arrives in the Cathedral City

Ten years ago, when Dr Darren Cannell and Dr Andy Stafford set up their Cosmetic Dental Clinic dental practice in the centre of Newcastle, they were already making plans for the future. Not only were they determined to build one of the most technologically advanced dental practices in the UK, they also wanted to use their clinic in Old Eldon Square as a blueprint for expansion.

2018 has seen the first part of their plans fall into shape at 7 Old Elvet in the heart of Durham City. Here they have copied the original business model enabling them to have multidisciplinary dental centres in both NE1 and DH1.

Any clients who attend the Newcastle clinic will immediately feel at home in Durham. Not only will Andy and Darren be familiar faces at the clinic, but the décor, facilities, equipment and huge range of dental procedures are identical.

Following over 10 years success in Newcastle City Centre it was time to expand the brand. Durham was the obvious choice given a substantial number of our current clients travel from the likes of Co. Durham, Teeside, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Dr Darren Cannell, Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Two further restorative and aesthetic dentists have been appointed to work out of both sites. They are Dr Sonnie Yousefzadeh-Bindra who has relocated to the North East from London, and Dr David Bretton who has left Yorkshire to join The Cosmetic Dental Clinic Team. David has also recently been named as ‘Young Dentist of the Year’ at both the prestigious ‘Dentistry Awards’ and ‘Private Dentistry Awards’.

“Following over 10 years success in Newcastle City Centre it was time to expand the brand. Durham was the obvious choice given a substantial number of our current clients travel from the likes of Co. Durham, Teeside, North Yorkshire and beyond…….. it also ties in well with the exciting development and heavy investment into Durham City itself” said Darren. “It allows us to expand our digital dentistry to more people who live within the Durham locality. We’re already working alongside the Durham University student population and are currently sponsoring the university rugby teams.”

Darren and Andy are proud of the reputation which the Cosmetic Dental Clinic has earned.

“We wanted to move dentistry forward,” said Andy. “We wanted to offer something different and we want to be the best. We can now offer the very latest technology to patients….we’ve been doing it in Newcastle and now we’re doing it in Durham.”

Being at the cutting edge of the digital revolution enables the Cosmetic Dental Clinic to offer its patients more unique, efficient, precise and comfortable dental solutions.

For example, the Cosmetic Dental Clinic is one of only a handful of practices in the UK where CEREC treatments are available. Using on-site computerised equipment, it allows Andy, Darren and their team to provide single-visit dentistry crowns and veneers as well as repairing broken teeth and removing unsightly metal fillings which can be replaced with tooth coloured ceramics under very precise control.

Everything is done in one appointment which gives busy people the opportunity to preserve and enhance their teeth with accuracy and efficiency in as short a time as possible.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is also has its own CBCT bone scanner which, in conjunction with the CEREC software, enables the clinicians to precisely plan and place dental implants with optimised predictability and patient safety.

Are you happy with the shape and alignment of your teeth? If the answer is no, then the Cosmetic Dental Clinic has another piece of wizardry which will transform the way you look when you smile. For many people, the result is life-changing.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic are the biggest Providers of Invisalign® clear brace systems in the North East. This is highlighted by their ‘Diamond Provider Status’ awarded to only a small number of Invisalign Doctors throughout the UK.

Being the regions ‘Digital Dentists’ they can carry out such treatments using a full digital workflow which does away with traditional impression moulds which many people find to be extremely uncomfortable. A 3D image is created of how your smile will appear. You will be given an estimate of how long it will take to complete the course of treatment. Over the coming weeks, you will be provided with a series of aligners (which are almost invisible) that slowly but surely move your teeth to the desired, predetermined positions.

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