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Here at Northern Insight Magazine, we provide you with the latest media news from across the North East. Stay up to date with your local digital, PR and marketing agencies and their success across the region, as well as other media commentary that can offer you company advice for the future. Discover more news below.

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Ask Silver Bullet

Issue 40

I knew an in-house Marketing Manager who said she had over 10 years of experience of marketing her particular company’s service and she followed her gut instinct as it had never let her down. But, maybe the manager actually had one year’s experience 10 times over – she wasn’t open to new methods and believed her old ways were the only ways. Just as importantly, her ‘gut instinct’ may have worked over 10 years ago, but her company’s clients, the way they interacted with her company and the channels available to communicate a marketing message had all changed, whilst she hadn’t. And the crazy thing was that there was an abundance of customer data to show the company this, had anyone looked rather than basking in the loyalty of a rapidly aging and declining client base. So, we’re firm believers in using the data available – we may know the…


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