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How Effective Is Your Decision-making?

Issue 53

Gather the data Consider the likely impact of the decision you’re making. The greater the impact the greater the need for consultation, deliberation and research. However if you’re working in a fast paced entrepreneurial business or start up situation be very aware of missing the opportunity. Jeff Bezos talks about making ‘high velocity’ as well as ‘high quality’ decisions. Most decisions should be made with 70% of the information you wish you had. Are you getting in the way of decisions?! The pace of change means that top down decisionmaking is too slow and you need to enable decisions to be made at all levels of the organisation. To quote Ken Blanchard ‘get off the pitch and let your team play.’ As business leaders are we leading by example? 360 Growth Partners work with many business owners who want clear accountability and effective decision making but it starts with you.…


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