Athena Risk Secure Office In Usa

Issue 22

Athena Risk, expert in security risk management solutions, has opened a new office in the United States and launched an original smartphone app to help business people plan travel and assess risks.

The Newcastle-upon-Tynebased company is targeting the United States to exploit a gap in the market where it can provide more comprehensive security management services than those available in the country.

Tampa-based universities have already shown an interest in Athena Risk’s security risk management solutions with potential plans to work together in the future.

Operating across a variety of sectors, the company has a particular focus on the energy industry. A member of business development organisation NOF Energy, Athena Risk has experience in key energy regions including Africa, South America and South East Asia.

Athena Risk’s smartphone app, the Travel Guardian, features its global risk management software. The app can co-ordinate a risk assessment of every country in the world as well as provide helpful tips.

To provide the package, Athena Risk has to go through the process of what the company does. It then assesses the company’s target markets against recognised risks for the country, which can include terrorism, seasonal trends, cultural factors and power supply.

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