The Power Of People -happy New Yeah!

Issue 43

Is it me, or is time going faster? Odd thought, but I remember being sat in school and watching the clock tick so slowly. Roll forward a few decades and time seems to be whizzing past me with 2018 over, in what seems like a blink.

What an interesting year 2018 has been with lots of ups and one or two downs to contend with, which in fact make the ups or the highs even better. The major events were primarily family orientated with the birth of my granddaughter Aiyla followed, not so long after, with my own daughter Zara. Interesting situation, especially as I certainly don’t feel old enough to be a grandfather! But very happy with the new bundles of joy, bringing lots of sleepless nights, poo filled nappies and sick on your suit as you are about to set off for work, but all with unconditional love.

Looking back I achieved 80% of my ambitions for this year, and the 20% I didn’t, I know exactly why. I wasn’t disciplined enough! And this is one of the biggest lessons learnt this year, which has led me to extend a methodology I came up with a few years back – The Power of 3 – to now incorporate ABCD as an approach that is transformative both personally and professionally.

As it is the New Year I would like to focus on the D aspect of this approach and help explain why we fail in so many of our endeavours.

The first D is Desire – having a goal, ambition or even New Year’s resolution. The second D is Direction – taking your objective and creating a plan that is SMART (specific, measured, achievable, realistic and time based.) The third D is Discipline – this is where you constantly and consistently focus on your plan until you achieve your desired outcome, not letting anything get in your way. This is where the vast majority of people, including myself at times, fail.

So as you think about your New Year’s resolutions where you overnight are going to become the healthiest, fittest, family orientated person alive and then three weeks down the line you feel like giving up. Stop to consider all of those people who persevered through thick and thin. Progress and results don’t come overnight, so focus on your plan, write down and share your plan with those close to you. You are twice as likely to achieve your goal if you share it and move forward on your ambitions every day.

My ambition is to continue making the North East a better place for everyone that lives here. As 2018 came to an end it was fantastic to reflect on all of the incredible initiatives that we managed to deliver through the Primary2Prosperity Campaign, and how when you focus on progressive aspects of life, encourage those around you, and share ambitious goals the power of people shines through.

May your 2019 be blessed with hope, happiness and harmony. Love and Peace.

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