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Here at Northern Insight Magazine, we provide you with the latest media news from across the North East. Stay up to date with your local digital, PR and marketing agencies and their success across the region, as well as other media commentary that can offer you company advice for the future. Discover more news below.

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Issue 47

Disruptive’ is one of those phrases that the marketing industry loves as it can cover a multitude of sins and is currently right on trend. Everyone knows what a disruptive child is – someone who disrupts the smooth running of a class, school or even a household – so it’s not a quantum leap to understand that disruptive marketing is simply a ‘catch-all’ expression that covers not only new and often innovative ways to market a product or service but also ways which can upset or disrupt the traditional route to market for these products and services, thereby ripping up the established rule book. At the heart of this is the fact such bold strategies are usually undertaken by ‘disruptor’ companies that are committed to establishing a whole new market, often by new technology, by offering an improved product or service to new customers. The results can be dramatic, not…


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