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Can Fear Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime?

Issue 56

It’s often assumed you can change the way people behave using fear. The fear of making a mistake or creating the security issue within the business we try to relate this to something other than security. Think of the tumours depicted in anti-smoking ads. Or the car crashes that feature in campaigns against drink-driving. In the security realm, think of pictures of faceless cyber criminals in hoods, or tales of single clicks inverting people’s lives. The tactic seems simple: say something scary, change how people behave. But does the tactic actually work? Can a big dose of fear really make people more vigilant in relation to security online? What the experts say In an effort to understand how fear impacts people’s online behaviours, ITPS recently consulted human cyber security experts CybSafe, whose multi-award- winning software is currently revolutionising the human aspect of cyber security. “The answer isn’t black and white,”…


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