Delivering An Architectural Legacy

Lambton Park in County Durham is on the threshold of an exciting new beginning as the place for one of the most prestigious developments in North East England. Northern Insight spoke to Newcastle architect's Pod, about the vision for creating a residential design and legacy on a grand scale.

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Property of The Month A Shaggy Dog Story

Which, in the private rental sector is what Governments have achieved so far. I look forward to three out of three, but I am not optimistic. The latest piece of well-meaning legislation is the Tenant Fees Act 2019. When this was announced, it was greeted with howls of joy and social media frenzy. “Agents will no longer be allowed to…

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The Importance Of Alphabetti Theatre

Issue 47

Arts / Insight

A New Artist’s Showcase

Issue 47

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Arts / Insight

Meet The Artist

Issue 47

Did you always want to pursue a career in Art? I never really thought about painting as a job when I was a child, it was simply something I did, part of my everyday life. Career wise, I never really had any clear ambitions, which is possibly why I only had mediocre results for my ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels! Tell us about your career path so far? It feels like a brief, white knuckle ride, but its only when I stop and count the years that I realise how long the journey has been so far! Although a lot has changed in the world of art and how people look at and buy art, I continue to exhibit both original paintings and prints in a handful of carefully chosen galleries up and down the UK as well as overseas. One of the biggest changes has been the advent of the…


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